September 8, 2016 RDAM #RheumChat Recap: Faces of Rheumatic Disease

/September 8, 2016 RDAM #RheumChat Recap: Faces of Rheumatic Disease
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Our first RDAM #RheumChat of September was co-hosted by the National Patient Advocate Foundation (@NPAF_tweets). The National Patient Advocate Foundation is a national non-profit organization providing the patient voice in improving access to high-quality healthcare. The topic of the chat was faces of rheumatic disease.

Here are a few of the questions that were covered. See the full recap below.

Q1.     What are rheumatic diseases? How many rheumatic diseases exist?
Q2.     What are some well-known rheumatic diseases? What are some rare rheumatic diseases?
Q3.     Who gets rheumatic diseases? Can they be prevented?
Q4.     How can patients help raise awareness about their diseases?
Q5.     What challenges do individuals with rheumatic diseases face?
Q6.     What can policy makers do to help individuals with rheumatic diseases?

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We will continue to host an RDAM #RheumChat on every Thursday of September with a different topic and co-host. Be sure to check the #RheumChat page and our social media channels for future topics, co-hosts, and questions!
If you have topic ideas for future Twitter chats, or you are interested in co-hosting a chat, please contact Bonny Senkbeil at

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