September 2015 #RheumChat Recap: Advocating for Your Health!

/September 2015 #RheumChat Recap: Advocating for Your Health!
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On Thursday, September 17, 2015 we hosted our first #RheumChat on Twitter! The Twitter chat focused on advocating for your health and featured the American College of Rheumatology (@ACRheum) as the co-host.

The hour-long conversation covered topics ranging from how rheumatic diseases impact Americans today to how lawmakers can make a difference for these individuals. Here are a few of the questions that were covered. See the full recap below.

Q1: How do rheumatic diseases impact Americans today?
Q2: What types of symptoms do individuals with rheumatic diseases suffer from?
Q3: How can rheumatologists help individuals with rheumatic diseases?
Q4: What are some of the treatment challenges facing rheumatic disease patients today?
Q5: How can lawmakers in Washington DC make a difference for individuals living with a rheumatic disease?

Join us for monthly #RheumChats

We will continue to host a #RheumChat on the third Thursday of every month with a different topic and co-host. Be sure to check the #RheumChat page and our social media channels for future topics, co-hosts, and questions!

If you have topic ideas for future Twitter chats, or you are interested in co-hosting a chat, please contact Bonny Senkbeil at

#RheumChat Recap: Advocating for Your Health!

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