October 2016 #RheumChat Recap: Traveling with a Rheumatic Disease

/October 2016 #RheumChat Recap: Traveling with a Rheumatic Disease
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Our October #RheumChat was co-hosted by Creaky Joints (@CreakyJoints), a vibrant community of 74,000+ rheumatic disease patients and caregivers in all 50 states run by the Global Healthy Living Foundation. The topic of the chat was traveling with a rheumatic disease.

Here are a few of the questions that were covered. See the full recap below.

Q1. What makes traveling more difficult for individuals with a rheumatic disease?
Q2. How can traveling be made easier for individuals with a rheumatic disease who can travel?
Q3. How can a rheumatologist help an individual plan ahead for safe, healthy trips?
Q4. Are there climates to be avoided or types of trips that may be more difficult for individuals with rheumatic diseases?
Q5. How can you plan ahead to ensure you have proper nutrition for your disease during your trip?
Q6. Patients – what are your tips for managing your disease while travelling?
Q7. What resources are available to help individuals with rheumatic diseases prepare for a trip?

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We will take a break from #RheumChat in November while the ACR hosts its Annual Meeting. Check out the official hashtag #ACR16 on Twitter if you’d like to follow the conversation at the meeting. Be sure to check the #RheumChat page and our social media channels for future topics, co-hosts, and questions.

If you have topic ideas for future Twitter chats, or you are interested in co-hosting a chat, please contact Bonny Senkbeil at pr@rheumatology.org.

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