November 2015 #RheumChat Recap: Improving the Patient Experience

/November 2015 #RheumChat Recap: Improving the Patient Experience
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On Thursday, November 19, 2015, we hosted the #RheumChat on Twitter. The chat focused on improving the patient experience and Creaky Joints (@CreakyJoints) was the co-host.

Here are a few of the questions that were covered. See the full recap below.

Q1: Do patients feel they have a voice in their care?
Q2: How do you feel when you are valued and respected by your healthcare provider?
Q3: What can healthcare providers do to improve patients’ experience when in their care?
Q4: What does improving the patient experience mean to you?
Q5: How can improving the patient experience affect patients’ health and overall well being?
Q6: Does your healthcare team look at you as a whole person? E.g. has your rheum ever talked about intimacy & chronic disease?

Join us for monthly #RheumChats

We will continue to host a #RheumChat on the third Thursday of every month with a different topic and co-host. Be sure to check the #RheumChat page and our social media channels for future topics, co-hosts, and questions!

If you have topic ideas for future Twitter chats, or you are interested in co-hosting a chat, please contact Bonny Senkbeil at

#RheumChat Recap: Improving the Patient Experience

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