Rheumatic diseases often mean pain – but there are lots of ways to help manage your symptoms and provide yourself with some relief.  Joint-friendly exercise is one thing you can start today and, if you keep at it, you can feel the improvements in the foreseeable future.

Regular exercise has been shown to help maintain flexibility, a healthy weight, and muscle mass to better support your joints. And sometimes exercise just makes you feel good.

A good place to start is by speaking with your rheumatologist about recommended exercises for you and your disease. She / he can also provide guidance on the length and intensity of exercise based on your disease, fitness level, and other factors.  Your rheumatologist may even refer you to another doctor or physical therapist to learn the correct form and techniques to make sure that you’re moving safely and correctly.

Once you start moving, don’t stop! Find a few activities you love and look forward to, and build your own “portfolio” of exercises so you can mix it up to avoid getting bored with any single activity. We recommend including both indoor and outdoor activities so you can stay active no matter the weather. Before you know it, the time will be flying by and you’ll feel better than when you started!

Looking for some ideas? These CDC funded partners have tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Walk with Ease

Happy exercising!