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  • Rheumatic diseases can make #SimpleTasks impossible. Learn more about early diagnosis & treatment of rheumatic diseases: www.simpletasks.org
  • Learn how to advocate for policies that promote safe, effective & affordable care: simpletasks.org
  • Learn about policy issues that impact your care & find out how you can become an advocate: simpletasks.org #Act4Arthritis
  • Learn more about living w/ rheumatic disease by joining @ACRSimpleTasks #RheumChat: simpletasks.org


  • The ACR Simple Tasks campaign raises awareness about the importance of early detection and treatment of rheumatic diseases. Find your window of opportunity at SimpleTasks.org #SimpleTasks
  • Rheumatology patients! You can learn how to advocate for health care policies that promote safe, effective, and affordable rheumatology care: simpletasks.org
  • Are you looking for resources related to your rheumatic disease? Join the ACR Simple Tasks Twitter chat (#RheumChat)! Learn more: simpletasks.org


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