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Biosimilars: What Do Patients Need to Know?

February 24, 2017|Living with RA|

  This month, we sat down with Dr. Angus Worthing (@AngusWorthing) to discuss biosimilars and what patients should know about them. Dr. Worthing is a practicing rheumatologist in Washington, DC and Chair of the American [...]

August 2016 #RheumChat Recap: Becoming an Empowered Patient

August 22, 2016|Events, Living with RA|

Our August #RheumChat was co-hosted by patient advocate Kirsten Schultz (@Kirstie_Schultz). The topic of our chat was becoming an empowered patient. Here are a few of the questions that were covered. See the full recap below. Q1: [...]

July 2016 #RheumChat Recap: Living Well with Lupus

July 22, 2016|Events, Living with RA, News|

Our July #RheumChat was co-hosted by the Lupus Initiative (@LupusInitiative). The Lupus Initiative® is a multi-faceted education program designed to reduce disparities and improve outcomes among people with lupus. The initiative is dedicated to improving [...]