Diagnosed with Gout at age 19


Seth Nixon

Simple tasks that became impossible because of rheumatic disease:

  • Playing softball and basketball
  • Turning a door handle
  • Putting on shoes


Seth Nixon was an active 19-year-old when he was diagnosed with gout. Like many, before his diagnosis Seth had no idea what rheumatic disease was. Since then, it has become something he is constantly aware of in his daily life. It is often physically limiting, and makes every-day tasks he enjoys, like playing with his three young children, difficult. As a young person living with gout, Seth wants to help dispel the myth that rheumatic diseases solely impact the elderly.

Seth’s Story: A Family Tradition

It wasn’t until after his gout diagnosis that Seth learned both his father and grandfather lived with the same disease. He also sees similar symptoms in his two younger brothers, ages 24 and 15. When they get a small injury playing a sport, they will swell up and get a fever, much like he used to during his softball and basketball days. Seth has found it is hard to find information geared toward younger people living with rheumatic disease.

Finding a Successful Treatment

While it was not difficult for Seth to find a rheumatologist initially, finding the right rheumatologist relationship took a bit more work, but was well worth it. Seth was able to find a rheumatologist who helped him understand the triggers that cause his gout to flare, instead of treating just the flares.

Now, Seth works with Kelly Weselman, MD as his partner for his gout treatment. Seth says of Dr. Weselman, “She tried to get me on something that worked and didn’t cause other problems.” He has learned things, such as certain foods, can trigger an attack and has learned to avoid them. Although Seth admits his gout is limiting, especially when it comes to the level of activity he would like to maintain, he is thankful for a rheumatologist who listens to his needs and works with him to help him lead a fulfilling life.

Seth’s Window of Opportunity: Dispelling the Myth

Many people incorrectly assume that rheumatic diseases, such as gout, are simply a part of aging. For young people living with these diseases, they know this is an important myth to dispel. To defy the “too young to deal with gout” stereotype, Seth is eager to share his story and work with the Simple Tasks campaign in order to help other young people who may be experiencing the same pain and difficulty of completing simple tasks.

Many young people are unaware of the symptoms of rheumatic disease, just like Seth before his diagnosis. By dispelling the myth that these diseases are merely part of aging, Seth hopes to help others seize their window of opportunity to find the right partner for their treatment, as he found in Dr. Weselman.

Seth is a young father living with gout, and is passionate about helping other young people who may be experiencing the initial symptoms of rheumatic disease. The window of opportunity is critical for individuals who may be experiencing symptoms to find the right rheumatologist to partner with for their treatment.