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Foods to Avoid When Living with a Rheumatic Disease

October 20, 2020|Living with RA|

Rheumatic illnesses can include body-wide autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, as well as arthritic diseases. Living with rheumatic disease can pose lifelong challenges. Although medical treatments and regular follow-up visits with your doctor are very important, [...]

Highlighting Your RDAM Stories

September 28, 2020|RDAM 2020|

For our 5th Annual Rheumatic Disease Awareness Month (RDAM) we saw people from all walks of life telling their stories and amplifying the voices and experiences of people living with rheumatic disease to facilitate better [...]

RDAM Patient Spotlight: Meet Jill Abbott

September 21, 2020|RDAM 2020|

Before I was diagnosed with my rheumatic disease, I was constantly suffering from health issues such as pain in my feet, dry eyes, facial numbness and fatigue. Once I received my diagnosis of Sjögren’s syndrome, [...]