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Arthritis and Anxiety: Calm the Chaos

May 11, 2020|Living with RA|

Are you worried about the treatment for your arthritis that hasn’t yet started? Are you anxious about the potential side effects of taking your prescribed medications? Feeling stressed is a part of life, but what [...]

COVID-19 Resources for Patients

May 4, 2020|Living with RA|

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new questions and challenges for individuals with compromised immune systems or those with chronic conditions. Should you still visit your rheumatologist? What about infusions? Is telehealth an option? To help [...]

Benefits of Being Grateful

February 26, 2020|Living with RA|

Living with a chronic illness is challenging and can wear one’s emotions thin. Between the doctor visits, pain, medication and physical limitations that some experience with rheumatic diseases, it can be difficult to remain optimistic. [...]